Want to learn how to fuel your body to get 



A female strength athlete's guide to eating for performance.

What You'll Learn:

  •  9-week online guided course (delivered via Facebook Groups)
  • correct macros for your body compositon and training volume
  •  macro counting &/or intuitive eating 
  •  nutrient timing for pre/intra/post training
  •  protein quality
  • which carbs to eat when
  •  goal setting
  • honest self-assessments of your progress 


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As women, we live in a world where we are encouraged to stay small and strive for leanness. 

But as female strength athletes, this hinders our athletic performance and leaves us plateaued for what seems like years! 

Unfortunately, female athletes aren’t often taught how to fuel their bodies for performance, we are usually only taught how to strive for a body type that doesn’t fit with our strength goals. 

That is why we created an online course that teaches you how to properly fuel your body and training for performance.  

Eat For Strength

A female strength athlete’s guide to eating for performance.  

Our course is not for everyone... 

In fact, we specifically created it for women who compete, or train, in strength sports (i.e. Powerlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, CrossFit, Strongman, etc). 

Being strength sport athletes ourselves, we understand that most of the nutritional information that exists for women is not designed for those who seek strength over aesthetics.  

We were fed up with the misinformation and lack of resources for women, like you, who wanted to get strong, not small, so we created this course to educate all female strength athletes.  

Eat for Strength is a 9 week online guided course that teaches YOU, the female strength athlete, how to properly fuel your body to achieve your strength goals. Everything from macro-timing to goal setting to supplements, our course gives you the tools necessary to reach your strongest potential while maintaining your current weight class (if you compete). 

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

 We have been in your shoes. Since we started training, we were only taught nutrition in regards to cutting or to weight loss. 

Because of this our training suffered, our relationships suffered and our sanity suffered. We were always falling short of our goals and constantly feeling like we were playing a game of catch up.  

We finally asked the question: Is there a better way? And YES, yes there is!  

Dr. Kristin Lander has spent the last decade working closely with strength athletes on their nutrition. In that time she refined and perfected the guiding principles of Eat For Strength, i.e. how to eat for performance.  

Dr. Mary Morton spent the last 9 years recovering from severe disordered eating. Her background in science combined with her empathetic nature allowed for her to develop a step-wise program to help women cope with and understand the mental aspect of nutritional changes and dietary habits.  

Taking Kristin’s expertise in nutrition and Mary’s experience in overcoming disordered and unhealthy eating, we created a guide that teaches women how to fuel, rather than starve, their bodies.  

We started applying the principles of Eat for Strength to our own training and nutrition regiments, and pretty soon we saw AMAZING changes in our performance. We were no longer merely playing catch up, but rather fueling our bodies and excelling in our sports.

We can't wait for you to join us on this journey!

Quickly go from the training struggle bus to hitting lifetime PRs!

  •  Learn how to properly fuel your training
  •  Be supported in the process, because we get it, change is scary
  •  Add kilos to your total QUICKLY  

What You'll Get: 

  •  9-week online guided course (delivered via Facebook Groups) 
  • Weekly focus topics on nutrition and mindset to engage you throughout the course
  • Daily access to Dr. Kristin Lander and Dr. Mary Morton 
  • One-time 30min one-on-one consultation with Kristin and Mary
  • Community support of other Eat for Strength Female athletes through Facebook

Previous Eat For Strength athletes are saying...

“Kristin and Mary are so kind, intelligent, and supportive, they really make this course a journey of self rather than any kind of diet. I loved the focus on sustainability and positive self-improvement! There is no baby-sitting here which means you get to learn to work towards removing bias from your self-assessments. But there’s an amazing, strong community that’s enthusiastic and supportive that will help you through and hype you up! All in all, a great, educational course.”  

“This was such a great intro course for me. I think there is so much awesome material for me to reflect on, and I will continue to get great use from what I’ve learned and what I have yet to even touch. The immediate responses given by M & K were so appreciated and knowledgeable. Working alongside similar minded ladies made me feel at ease, and helped keep me involved in the program. Thank you E4S for getting my journey going on the right foot!”

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